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Small Business Services

Managing your businesses information can mean the difference between success and failure. Whether it’s preparing your office for disaster recovery or setting you up for success on the internet with the right website and so much more. Contact me to find out if I’m the right fit for your business.

Your Internet Presence

Today, everyone needs to be seen on the internet. Ready to set up a website but daunted by just what to do or how to do it? Don’t have a clue about how search engines like Google work? Don’t know a PA from a DA or an SEO from an SEM? I can get you up to speed fast with an internet presence review. Whether you need a new website or need to crank up results in an old one, my internet presence review can help. I’ll go over the basics of search engines and review your existing website and those of one of your competitors and one I can identify in your industry that’s doing it right. Get up to speed fast and learn just what you need to know to make effective decisions about your internet presence and maintaining your reputation. I’ll take you through all the basics and give you a foundation for making decisions. Learn how search engines rank the results and how you can optimize your website ranking. Learn the importance of authority and social media and mobile friendly websites.¬†Contact me to find out more about my comprehensive internet presence review.

Small Business Office Solutions

Businesses run on information whether it’s information about your customers or your products or services. Most of that information is stored on computers today so it’s vitally important to set up your small business or home office with disaster recovery in mind. I can help you configure your information technology with redundancy and backup in place to minimize costly down time. Contact me to ensure your business can spring back from disaster.

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