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Need help with your Windows computer? Whether it’s installing new hardware in your desktop or learning to use social media like Facebook, let me be your computer guy. Viruses and malware taking over? I’ve got the medicine your PC needs.

In Home Service

No dragging your computer to the shop. I come right to you. Most repairs or fixes can be accomplished quickly within an hour or two. Should your PC need more intensive care, I’ll remove it for you, fix it in my shop, then return and install it back where it belongs.


Want to learn texting? Want to learn how to email? Want to learn how to send pictures from your phone or your email? Do you want to connect with friends and family on Facebook but just find the whole thing too confusing? Maybe you want to learn how to use Google Photos to share your digital photos?

Whatever your need, my personal one on one extra patient instruction will get you up to speed as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable with. No embarrassing group classes or judgmental classmates.

: Choose the right PC. How much PC do I need?
: Build your own PC.
: Setup and use Facebook.
: Texting with a cell phone.
: Setup and use iTunes with an iPhone.
: Setup and use Google Photos.
: Setup and use a Digital Camera.
: And much more! Contact me to find out if I can help with your area of interest.

Hardware and Software

Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 10? Or do you want to crank up your PCs performance with a new Solid State Drive, video card or memory? Installing new hardware and software can sometimes be daunting but I’ve done it before so no worries. Whether it’s setting up your new scanner, multi-function wireless printer, or router, I can help you get it up and running quickly.

: Upgrade your PC to Windows 10.
: Setup a personal web page or website.
: Install a high-capacity hard drive in your desktop PC.
: Install a solid state drive (SSD) in your desktop PC. Recommended! See my Conventional Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive: The Case for Upgrading tip for the reasons why.
: Setup a new scanner.
: Setup a router or network.
: Setup a wireless router or network.
: Setup a new printer.
: Backup image a hard drive. See my Windows 10 System Image Creation Guide for DIY instructions.
: Install memory in your desktop PC.
: Install a video card in your desktop PC.
: No hardware or software job is too small or too difficult. Contact me to see if I can install or upgrade your PC today.


Think you might have a virus? Does your PC seem possessed with a mind of its own? Have a program that won’t run or, worse yet, a program that crashes? Does your PC seem a lot slower than you remember? Is something just not quite right with your PC?

Troubleshooting your computer headaches is my specialty. Let me take the stress out of getting stubborn software or drivers playing nice with your system.

: Remove a virus.
: Remove malware.
: SMART Error: Hard drive failure imminent.
: Track down crashing drivers or misbehaving software.
: Remove unwanted software.
: Restore browser home page.
: Don’t see your problem listed? Contact me to find out if I can tackle your specific problem.

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